Primestars is a company that specializes in facilitating Youth Development programmes for high school learners from underserved communities.

For over a decade, the Primestars Cinema Education Model has proven how powerful the meeting of education and entertainment can be in delivering quality curriculum content to educate high school learners from under-resourced communities. Our usage of cinemas as “Theatres of Learning” has enabled us to galvanize secondary school education and create and implement impactful programmes spanning various critical topics.

The impact of our programmes has demonstrated the critical role cinema, film, and media can play in society, not only for entertainment purposes but also socio-economic development. Our edutainment model has reached over 1 Million youth from under-resourced communities across South Africa. We aim to continue inspiring young entrepreneurs, career-ready talent, financially literate youth, young leaders, and skilled Matriculants in Math & Science through innovation.

Primestars Digital aims to expand the reach of our innovative model exponentially. Our mission is to make our educational content available digitally for the benefit of high school learners in need of support. Our goal is to democratize access to quality education for youth in under-resourced communities by growing our programmes – “from the BIG screen to ALL screens”!

Primestars Digital Online Learning Now Available

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